April 2014

SEDI (Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior) AGU focus group news (April 2014)

Greetings from your focus group officers

In this newsletter:

  • Request for nominations for new SEDI Graduate Research Award for 2014
  • Outstanding Student Paper Awards from 2013 Fall Meeting
  • Reminder to be ready for focus group elections
  • Consider supporting SEDI through donations

SEDI Graduate Research award

The Study of Earth’s Deep Interior (SEDI) AGU Focus Group is debuting a new Graduate Research Award for current M.S. and Ph.D. students or those who will have completed their degrees in 2014.

The goal of this award is to promote SEDI research to the broader community, interaction among SEDI members, and early career development for students studying the Earth’s deep interior. Nominees must be members of any AGU section who are engaged in experimental, observational, and/or theoretical studies of the deep interior of the Earth and/or other planetary bodies.

This award will include a $500 monetary award and recognition at the SEDI business meeting/reception at the Fall 2014 AGU Meeting.

Nominations for the award should be made via the following website:


by clicking the “Submit Nomination” image on the right hand side of the page.

[*Note: In previous correspondence we suggested you could send the nomination packages directly to Sabine Stanley via email, however we have heard from AGU that this is not feasible].


Deadline for nominations is April 15, 2014.

More details, including nomination criteria and materials are available at the above link.

Please contact Sabine Stanley at stanley@physics.utoronto.ca if you have any questions regarding this award.


Outstanding Student Paper Awards from 2013 Fall Meeting

We’d also like to honor the two winners of the Outstanding Student Paper Awards at the 2013 Fall Meeting.

Harriet Lau of Harvard University won for the oral presentation “Constraining Deep Earth Structure Using Tidal Tomography,” with co-authors Jeroen Tromp, Miaki Ishii, Jerry X. Mitrovica, Hsin-Ying Yang, James L. Davis, and Konstantin Latychev.

Mingming Li of Arizona State University won for the poster presentation “Three dimensional morphology and dynamics of ultra-low velocity zones,” with co-authors Allen K. McNamara and Ed J. Garnero.

Both students received free registration to the 2014 AGU Fall Meeting.


Upcoming elections for focus group officers

Elections for the 2015-2017 SEDI focus group officers will be held this summer. There will be two candidates each for President-elect and Secretary who will be announced later this spring. It’s important that everyone take the opportunity to vote when the system opens up. For a focus group like ours, where most members have affiliations with other sections, it’s important to note that you will be able to vote in multiple sections and focus groups.


We need support!

SEDI is in need of your help! We’d like to request everyone with SEDI as a primary or secondary affiliation to consider donating to the focus group. AGU does not give us any direct budget, and if we would like to continue offering our new Graduate Research Award, Outstanding Student Paper Awards, and offering refreshments at the Fall Meeting reception and business meeting, we rely on your donations. Please also consider making SEDI your primary affiliation if you haven’t already.


To donate to the SEDI focus group:

  • Visit the AGU website
  • Under the “Other Donation Fund” section, click the drop-down box
  • Select “Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior Fund” and enter the donation amount in the “Dollar Amount” box
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Click the “Next Step” button and follow the instructions

Best regards,

Mark Panning

AGU Focus Group President, Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior