Frontiers in Earth Sciences seeking contributions to new research topic: “The Evolving Geomagnetic Field”

Dear DI community,

Please see the announcement below which may be of interest to those doing research on the geomagnetic field.

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that we are seeking contributions to a new research topic in Frontiers in Earth Sciences entitled “The Evolving Geomagnetic Field”:

The geomagnetic field exhibits distinctive variations across a broad spectrum of timescales from milliseconds to millions of years. To understand these variations, Earth scientists utilize a diverse arsenal of tools from hi-tech satellites, such as the Swarm array, to archeological pottery and geological materials, through to advanced numerical simulations that harness the power of supercomputers. Armed with these tools we tackle problems related to the ancient magnetic field, how the geodynamo works, the evolution of Earth’s interior and what this means for modern life. This Research Topic brings together these varied approaches to present our latest understanding of the workings of the geodynamo and the geomagnetic field across all timescales. We seek submissions on topics that include dynamo theory and simulation, and advances in geo- and paleomagnetism and particularly encourage contributions that link deep Earth behavior to geo-/paleomagnetic observations. Submissions on related topics are also welcome as we aim to bring together the whole spectrum of geodynamo variations and controls, from its earliest evolution through to modern-day generation of high-fidelity observations. We encourage authors to submit contributions that cover the range of article styles of Frontiers (reviews, perspectives, and research articles).

Frontiers in Earth Sciences is a growing journal, publishing more than 190 articles in the last two years and  has recently been indexed in Scopus. Frontiers in Earth Sciences is open access and manuscripts accepted for publication are subject to publishing fees, which vary depending on the article type. Research Topic A type articles receive a discount on publishing fees; please see here for a full fee table, and further relevant FAQs:

The deadline for abstract submission is 24 February 2017, and the final deadline for manuscript submission is 01 September 2017. Author guidelines are available on the Frontiers website (

We look forward to your contributions

Greig A. Paterson (Institute of Geology & Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Science,
Chris Davies (University of Leeds)
Ron Shaar (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)