September 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from your focus group officers. In this newsletter:

1.       Inaugural SEDI Graduate Research Award

2.       Congratulations to 2014 AGU Fellows

3.         AGU Election

4.       Consider supporting SEDI through donations

Congratulations to Andrew Schaeffer, the inaugural SEDI Graduate Research Award winner

Andrew J. Schaeffer, of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, has been chosen as the winner of the first ever SEDI Graduate Research award.   The prize includes a $500 cash prize and recognition at the joint SEDI/MRP reception the evening of Tuesday, December 16 at the fall AGU meeting.  Please join us at the reception to congratulate Andrew.

Awards such as this and the Outstanding Student Papers Awards at the Fall Meeting are supported through your donations, so please consider donating, as detailed at the end of this newsletter!

Congratulations to the 2014 AGU Fellows

We will also be honoring SEDI-affiliated members who received recognition as 2014 AGU Fellows at the reception.  Gary Egbert, Jibamitra Ganguly, Alexander Kosovichev, Yanick Ricard, and Shijie Zhong were all elected fellows this year.  Please join us in congratulating them on December 16 at the reception, and of course also at the Honors Ceremony and Banquet at the Fall Meeting.

Vote in the AGU 2014 Election

The AGU 2014 Election is underway and members are electing leaders for the next term, which starts 1 January 2015. Elected AGU leaders will serve two years and will play an essential role in decisions on how to better serve and engage members in the advancement of AGU’s mission and vision.

Take an active role in helping shape the future of AGU and our section/focus group by voting in the 2014 election. This year, eligible voters receive a ballot for every section/focus group to which they belong, in addition to the AGU Board and student/early career ballots. The voting site has been improved, allowing you to cast your votes at your convenience over 30 days, in one session or multiple sessions. Please look for your unique link from, login and select the Studies of the Earth’s Deep Interior ballot. It will only take a few minutes to review the candidate information and make your choice. Remember every vote counts!

The candidates for President-elect are Kanani Lee and Allen McNamara, and the candidates for secretary are Laurent Montesi and Hrvoje Tkalcic.

The election is open from 18 August through 17 September. Visit for more information about the election.

Donate to SEDI

SEDI continues to need your help! We’d like to request everyone with SEDI as a primary or secondary affiliation to consider donating to the focus group. In order to support the awards we’d like to make for our community, including the new Graduate Research Award and the Outstanding Student Paper Awards at the fall meeting, we need donations specifically earmarked for SEDI.  AGU does not give us any direct budget, and if we would like to continue offering these awards, we need your support. Please also consider making SEDI your primary affiliation if you haven’t already.

To donate to the SEDI focus group:

•    Visit the AGU website

•    Under the “Other Donation Fund” section, click the drop-down box

•    Select “Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior Fund” and enter the donation amount in the “Dollar Amount” box

•    Enter your email address and password

•    Click the “Next Step” button and follow the instructions