September 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from your focus group officers. In this newsletter:

  1. SEDI Graduate Research Award Winner
  2. Congratulations to 2015 AGU Fellows and Medal/Award Winners
  3. Welcome to SEDI’s new student representative
  4. SEDI at Fall AGU
  5. Opportunity for joint AGU – JpGU sessions: Call for Conveners
  6. SEDI on Social Media
  7. Consider supporting SEDI through donations


  1. Congratulations to Matt Weller, 2015 SEDI Graduate Research Award Winner

Matt B. Weller, of Rice University, has been selected as the 2015 SEDI Graduate Research Award winner. The award includes a $500 cash prize and recognition at the joint SEDI/MRP reception the evening of Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at the Fall AGU meeting. Please join us at the reception to congratulate Matt.

Awards such as this and the Outstanding Student Papers Awards at the Fall Meeting are supported through your donations, so please consider donating, as detailed at the end of this newsletter.


  1. Congratulations to the 2015 AGU Fellows and Union Medal Winners

We would like to congratulate SEDI-affiliated members who received recognition as 2015 AGU Fellows and Medal/Award Winners. These include:

  • AGU Fellows: Jeffrey Abers, Charles Ammon, Thorsten Becker, Martha Savage, Yanbin Wang
  • Donald L. Turcotte Award: Jezabel Curberlo
  • Flinn Award: Sonia Esperanca, Robin Reichlin
  • Hess Medal: Claude Jaupart
  • Jason Morgan Early Career Award: Lijun Liu
  • Keiiti Aki Young Scientist Award: Sanne Cottaar
  • Macelwane Medal: Matthew Jackson
  • Mineral and Rock Physics Early Career Award: Nicolas Brantut
  • Mineral and Rock Physics Graduate Research Award: Yun-Yuan Chang, Dongzhou Zhang
  • Taira Prize: Fumio Inagaki

Please join us in congratulating all of these awardees at the Receptions and Honors Ceremony and Banquet at the Fall Meeting.


  1. Welcome Natalia Solomatova as the SEDI Student Representative

Natalia Solomatova, of Caltech, is the new SEDI Student Representative. Her role is to act as a liaison between the SEDI Executive and our student members. We welcome her input and look forward to closer interactions with student members.


  1. SEDI at Fall AGU

The Fall AGU meeting is just around the corner and we look forward to seeing you there. The number of abstracts submitted to SEDI sessions increased by more than 20% this year. Please attend the exciting SEDI oral and poster sessions. In addition, SEDI will host a joint reception with MRP on Tuesday evening, December 15, at the Marriott Marquis, and all SEDI members and friends are invited.


  1. Opportunity for joint AGU – JpGU sessions: Call for Conveners

AGU and JpGU (Japan Geoscience Union) have agreed to sponsor joint sessions at the JpGU Meeting 2016 (22-26 May 2016 in Makuhari, Chiba) and at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting. We are looking to identify convener who would be willing to submit session proposals on similar themes to both meetings. If you are interested, please contact Sabine Stanley at by Sept. 11th, 2015 for further information.


  1. SEDI on Social Media

The SEDI officers are working on increasing SEDI’s presence on social media. Please check us out, follow us and suggest content on:

Facebook: AGU.SEDI

Twitter: @SEDI_AGU

In addition, the AGU SEDI webpage has received a major upgrade. Check us out at:


  1. Donate to SEDI

SEDI continues to need your help! We’d like to request everyone with SEDI as a primary or secondary affiliation to consider donating to the focus group. In order to support the awards we’d like to make for our community, including the Graduate Research Award and the Outstanding Student Paper Awards at the fall meeting, we need donations specifically earmarked for SEDI. AGU does not give us any direct budget, and if we would like to continue offering these awards we need your support. Also, if you are in contact with partners who may be interested in sponsoring SEDI events, please contact SEDI officers.

Please also consider making SEDI your primary affiliation if you haven’t already.

To donate to the SEDI focus group:

  • Visit the AGU website
  • Under the “Other Donation Fund” section, click the drop-down box
  • Select “Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior Fund” and enter the donation amount in the “Dollar Amount” box
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Click the “Next Step” button and follow the instructions